Plus three pieces of advice for getting started

It’s officially mind body week. Well, in my mind and body anyway.
It’s no secret that I’ve been incredibly lethargic lately. The tiredness and complete lack of desire to do anything was frustrating (in a lackadaisical sort of way.) I became one of those people I can’t stand…you know the ones who complain about things they can change?
So yeah, I was tired, zapped and becoming a person I didn’t like very much.

Let’s get back to this: Fit, Happy, Energy
My friend Rachael Able of Love Yourself Green unknowingly inspired me again. She hosts a private Facebook Group associated with her blog and she asked us what we wanted to work on this upcoming season. I replied “I want more energy.” She asked me, “What’s your plan?” With that simple question she gave me my power back.
I am the only one who can take charge of my health.  And  no-duh it’s going to be difficult but so is anything worthwhile. In my reading lately I keep coming across the idea that we are resistant to the things we need the most. Reminds me of when I was a little kid and my Mom told me to do the hardest homework first (Math, it was always Math) because that’s the subject which needed the most energy and attention. Dang I hate it when she’s right.
I’m going to Regulate my health this week like I’m Warren G and I’ll tell you exactly how it’s going down. Below I have listed all the things I want to incorporate and what I’m planning on each specific day. Now that I’ve told all you lovely people about this, there is no way I can back out or give up. See what I did there?
You should do it too!  Join me!
Can you think of one healthy thing you can do for your mind or body this week? Or even five healthy things? Put it on the Internet so you are forced to follow through. Use the hashtag #mindbodyweek so we can share your clever ideas.
I will do these things:
Healthy, homemade meals
Homeopathy (an appointment I rescheduled due to over-sleeping)
Vitamins- A daily multi with iron
Reduced Social Media Time

Main Goal for Each Day:
Monday- Gym
Tuesday- Therapy
Wednesday- Bikram Yoga
Thursday- Homeopathy appointment (& gym)
Friday- Long Walk with Lavinia

Today Monday: And Three Bits of Advice for Day 1

I haven’t seen the inside of my gym in over a month.  I had an ITB injury but that was an excuse, my arms weren’t broken. The real reason I haven’t been going is because I felt downright listless. Today I resorted to mind-games (with myself) to guilt myself into it.
1.       Guilt yourself if you have to
Over the last few weeks there were quite a few days I had the best intentions to go to the gym, today started out just that way. The difference is today I made a phone call. I booked Lavinia in to child-minding and therefore I physically told someone I was on my way. Now it would feel like cancelling on a gym buddy if I didn’t go. Whatever it takes.
2.       Do the Difficult Thing: Just Get it Over with!
And as I am exploring the concept of doing the things I’m resisting- I jumped straight onto the Machine of Death. I don’t even know what it’s called but it’s like a Stairmaster on crack. My trainer used to make me do it until I couldn’t breathe (miss her!) Until today, I have never used it without her forcing me to.
3.       Set Small Goals: And Keep Going
I wanted to climb 1000 steps. Huffing and puffing at just 300, it seemed too lofty a goal. Music cranking, I pushed myself until I made it…And once I did, I decided to keep going until my playlist finished. When I saw 80 floors approaching, I thought, “I’ll climb to 89 floors,” Just like the Eureka Tower, the tallest building in Melbourne. When I conquered those 89 floors I had spent almost 30 minutes on the machine of death so thought I could stick it out until an even 30:00. Finally I saw the total number of steps approaching 2000, doubling my original goal was within reach so I had to! When I finished up I felt as tall as those 131 floors I just climbed.

My body has had a challenge and now it’s time for the mind. Rachael gave me a link to this meditation series on Youtube. I’ll give one a try and update you tomorrow with my Tuesday post.
Get on Board Guys! You Deserve it #mindbodyweek 


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5 thoughts on “Take Charge of Your Health: Monday #mindbodyweek

  1. I love you! 😉 I'm so happy I inspired you with that question to take back control – and I love that you want to help other people do the same! I'm totally on board. Being held accountable is totes mah jam!! Talking nonstop about my goals is what helped me to achieve so many. 🙂

    Oh, and could you please share your post about your thoughts on guided meditation in the group when you post it…

    Huggggs. x

    Posted on April 14, 2015 at 12:42 am
  2. Just keep being your awesome,authentic self and I guarantee you will keep inspiring people. It's amazing what you can achieve when you take charge! I'll totally keep you posted about the guided meditation. I think I'm going to do it Friday- Lucky Last. 😉


    Posted on April 15, 2015 at 2:01 am