My Mothers Group Rocks (missing Katie who took the pic)


I would like it if mothers could feel less alone. Motherhood is an isolating gig whether geographically (if you’re an ex-pat like me) or emotionally. The villages meant to ‘help raise the child’ have dissolved into myths. We are supposed to do it all, have it all, and love it all, at all times.
My aim is for this blog to be a virtual village (I know the word ‘virtual’ sounds creepy, but it’s not.)  Modern motherhood is scary- can you say input overload on the Interwebs? (Organic or non? Strap the baby or set it free? Breast or bottle? Cry-it-out or claw-your-eyes-out?) Too much information! Make it stop! What ever you chose, there is another side telling you, you’re wrong. Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!
In addition to TMI, we are the generation of women who were given the gift of TMC-too many choices. Our fearless, feminist mothers and grandmothers told us; “Career first, then start a family.” So here we are, having carved out a bit of life only to hand it all over to a helpless little human.
Could we go back to that career we love without being called selfish? *wince* Is it possible to simultaneously keep our dignity and admit that we enjoy staying home and raising babies? *cringe*

But seriously though, I’m one person with one perspective.  I haven’t been doing this parenting thing for very long and I am no expert. What I do understand is the feeling of crushing guilt, anxiety and insecurity that comes with the job. Sharing my journey makes me feel like someone else gets me.  Like I’m not the only one.  Like I’m not alone.

I think if we are more honest, maybe we can lessen some of this pressure to be these grateful, cup-cake-making, smiling, instagram-hot Moms. Parenting is messy, glorious, and uncomfortable.  It’s about making mistakes, learning from them, and loving your guts out.

If I have one mission it’s to be inclusive, respectful and supportive of all Mommas fighting their daily battles and nailing the occasional sweet, sweet victory.
Thanks for listening,

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