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I recently garbage picked for the first time in my life and it was completely exhilarating.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely condone it I had just never done it.
Luckily I didn’t have to go very far because the thing would barely fit into my car with the baby-seat in the back.
Ridin Dirty
This bad boy sat beckoning me from about four doors down from our very own house. My little bug and I drove past it two days in a row (the first day I meant to grab it but, you know, Mommy brain.) If we lived on a busier street I would not have been so lucky to snag it.
Lavinia was proud of our haul.  She wanted to climb in as soon as we got the little beaut home.

They don’t make ’em like this anymore.
I have always fantasized about refinishing furniture (I have boring fantasies okay?) and now I have my chance…except that I’m totally clueless about the next steps.
Naturally I turned to Pinterest and the blog world.  After wading through a sea of information I’ve narrowed my research down to the top tutorials and ideas I came across. So, grab a seat (pun definitely intended) and take a look at how to refinish all different types of chairs!
  1. How to strip, paint and recover dining chairs step by step instructions on how to make tired chairs brand new.
  2. Refinishing wood with waxes and oils- a side by side comparison.
  3. How to turn thrift store chairs into an outdoor dining set- outdoor furniture can be so expensive or ugly- not in this case.
  4. How to reupholster cushions, you can do it, really! This DIY’er had no previous experience and her chair looks really well executed.
  5. Simple instructions turn a traditional chair into a funky, modern piece.
  6. You can even make folding chairs adorable.
  7. 28 before and afters for inspiration…Happy workshopping peeps!

I will reveal my own DIY chair before and after as soon as I make some precious time to get down to business.

What is a craft or project you have always wanted to try?

Note: Speaking of pre-loved wares- This awesome blog talks about all things vintage and more in Melbourne. Here is a specific tutorial from the blog about shellacking used furniture.

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