Here is a beautiful blog post about what depression looks like.
It starts off with a response to a highly informative article in The Guardian about how depressed people are not necessarily sad all the time.  They can enjoy moments in life without hunching around in a black cloak of darkness.  People can still experience happiness while muddling through this confusing mental illness.
The Blogger, Sarah, tells the story of being out with her toddler and people constantly commenting on her parenting- which really makes me angry.  I understand that people can be well-meaning but just because you are out in the world with a child is not a written invitation for strangers to comment on your life. New Mothers put enough pressure on themselves without society’s misguided ‘help.’
Pregnant women and new mothers seem to be fair game when out in public.  How many women have had strangers touch their round bellies? Luckily it never happened to me but I’ve heard plenty of stories.  I did have a shop owner ask me if I was ‘sure there is only one baby in there?” when I was out shopping on my due date. Would it be socially acceptable for a stranger to go up to a woman with her boyfriend and ask why she is not wearing an engagement ring? No.  So don’t ask me why my daughter is only wearing one shoe.  It’s none of your business.
Thank you for Sharing Sarah. X


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