I think it’s awesome when people take chances in business and in life.  Recently friends of mine started an online company that stocks unique, natural and organic beauty products that are good for your body and the environment. These two ladies, Celeste & Catherine are super passionate about what they do and it’s quite inspiring.  Yay women-owned, small business!
When I was pregnant with Lavinia I started paying closer attention to the ingredients in my food and beauty products.
When she was born I was a total freak about not letting chemicals near her perfect pink skin.  That awareness has carried over to the products that I use on myself. Despite feeling quite a bit older- I can honestly say my hair and skin have never been healthier since switching to mainly organic products.  Why didn’t I learn about this stuff in my early 20’s??? Could have prevented so much skin drama.
Celeste gave me a bath product to try out on Lavinia and I really liked it so I’m sharing it with you here.
Love Soap is a shampoo (which doubles as a body wash) for little nuggets.  It’s certified organic by the Soil Association. Lavinia has skin prone to eczema so it’s great this product is made for sensitive skin.
This Cute Little Gift Box Comes With Bubble Bath Too

The Love Soap smells like citrus and lavender (which always reminds me of a spa)- a perfect calming scent since bath-time is the beginning of our bedtime routine. It’s soft on the skin and rinses off really easily which isn’t always the case with products containing essential oils. The bubble bath isn’t super bubbly but I don’t tend to use very much.

Vinnie Appreciates Natural Luxury
Check out the rest of their exciting range of natural products for home and body: Natural Supply Co.  Thanks Celeste and Catherine!

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