Nap time is priceless when you are a stay at home parent because nap time= free time.

My energetic little cherub only takes one nap per day.  It’s been this way for months and months.  Be it ten minutes or two hours- one nap, that’s all I get. Most days I think ahead about how to supersize nap time…which gave me the idea for this post.

These apps stretch time. I love them for that.

*One hundred percent my opinions, this list is not sponsored in any way*

17 Minute work-out: A whole body work out in 7 minutes.  

You can do it at naptime or while dinner is cooking.  Seriously- it actually gets you puffing in just seven minutes.
And hey- if you really feel like gettin crazy- you can do the work out twice in a row.  Fourteen minutes of fitness!  It may not seem like much, but it’s so much better than nothing.  And it takes some of the guilt out of that emergency glass(es) of wine.
If you do several days in a row you collect little hearts.   A little positive reinforcement.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs and my parenting strategy.
The only equipment required is a wall and a step.  I have done this workout on the fly without a bra and with bare feet (not recommended).

2. Food Gawker Lite: Pretty pictures of delicious looking food. 

Sick of the same old dinners?  Lost your passion and inspiration for cooking? Tired of wasting time thinking about what to make? When you click on these gorgeous photos of meals, they take you to food blogger sites with the recipe.  It’s more niche than Pinterest and without all the repetition and occasional rubbish.
You can search for recipes based on ingredients!  You know, like when the only vegetables you have on hand are a bunch of carrots and a couple beets.

My attempt at roasted carrot & beet risotto was surprisingly delicious!

Completely at a loss for what to make?  Check out their categories:

My taste-buds thank you, Foodgawker.

3. Calendars: You need this to schedule your life!

As much as I both adore and fear Google, what’s with their Calendar App?  I’m sorry but I’d like to see more than just a dot on my day to day to let me know if I have several events,  in what order, how important they are, or if it’s just a reminder to pay a bill.  Dot, dot, dot.

This is difficult for social people/parents like myself who NEED to plan ahead.  These days I have to schedule ‘drinks with the girls’ about three months in advance if it’s on a weekend day.

A bit like Microsoft Outlook (in a good way), This App allows you to see a little glimpse of what activity you have on, and if there are multiples, it shows you what order!  *Sigh*

You can look at list view, day, week or Month view.  It will synch perfectly to your Google and other calendars.   The app is free but you have to pay to add features like ‘repeating’ events.  The way around this is putting the repeating event into your Google calendar (if you synch the two) this app will pick up on it.

4. Headspace: Meditation App.

A friend invited me to this one.  Don’t ask me why we were talking about meditation while drinking beers in a German restaurant.  That’s how we roll.
I’ve half-heatedly attempted to meditate a few times in the past without much success.
Lately with my troubled sleep, I thought more about giving it a try.
This app is perfect for beginners, people curious about mediation or even those who are already experienced.

It’s ten free guided meditation sessions with a couple cute little animations thrown in.   The animations help you visualize simple and helpful metaphors in times of stress.
I can honestly say that on the nights I’ve listened to the meditations, even if I feel particularly squirmy, I am more relaxed and sleep better after.
I’ve completed 8 sessions so far.  I’m sure once I complete session 10 they will try to sell me a membership.  Maybe I’m stalling on the last two sessions because I don’t want it to end!

Saves time by giving you a healthier head.

5. A Beautiful Mess: Photo editing App

One of my newest and most favorite apps right now. Lets you add filters, text, doodles, boarders.  As if your baby pics could get any cuter!

Upload directly to other social media apps.  Okay…maybe this one is more of a time-waster but I still dig it.

Some of the more obvious life-changing apps:
6. Whatsapp: Free text messaging anywhere in the world.

Clearly this one is a staple with family and friends back in America but it’s also a fun/ distracting way to stay connected to mates during the work day.  And you can create little group messages where you can share funny images, links and texts even while you’re at home and they are at work.

7. Spotify: All the streaming Music.

I have the paid version.  Worth every cent.  The TV stays off on my house a lot more than it would (I like noise for company) had it not been for this app.  Lavinia is quite the music connoisseur- she rocks out to everything from Pharell to Weezer.

Today I discovered she has a hidden love for country music.  To each their own.

Saves time by letting baby bop around the kitchen while I clean up her mess.

8. Pinterest: Inspiration boards.


Bored at home?  Ideas about anything from first birthday parties, to activities for children to home improvement projects…I guarantee if you are ever ‘bored’ (I don’t even know what this word means), open up this app and you’ll have a brand new, fully-stocked to-do list.  Not that you will have much time to complete it.

Wanna fill some time?  Here you go.

9. Etsy: An online shopping haven for the homemade and vintage

Seriously.  This is the online version of shop local.  Especially for my Aussie friends, the prices on here are so much more reasonable than the shops (no overhead!)  More and more Australian sellers are joining but many of the American crafters are willing to ship here (and it will still be cheaper).
In the last year I’ve purchased so much baby stuff!  Lavinia’s first birthday outfit, Halloween costume, template for invitations, my blog template and lots more.
Bonus: if you are clever and crafty you can sell stuff there too!

Saves time by avoiding malls!

May you go forth and become addicted to one or more of these applications.  You’re welcome.

What are the apps you can’t live without?

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