I was challenged to answer these questions as part of my blogging course. Even on a boring old day, there were some obvious big themes playing on my mind.

Sick Baby Snuggles

Making : A new and improved blog!
Cooking : Roasted beet and carrot risotto (getting creative with the remnants of last weeks veggie delivery)
Drinking : Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger Tisane tea (daydreaming about coffee)
Reading: ‘Not that kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham.  She’s a bit elitist for someone trying to glorify being a social outcast.
Wanting: A new watch to replace the one that Lavinia  ‘hid’ on me over two months ago
Looking: Looking into natural remedies for teething
Playing: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down by We the Common
Deciding: What should I prioritize during this particular nap-time?
Wishing: I was in #Buffalo, shoveling and drinking hot toddies #Snovember
Enjoying: The online blogging course I’m currently taking
Waiting: To purchase a flight home….depends on a few things
Liking: Social Media
Wondering: When I will have more time to myself?
Loving: My daughter’s voice and all her new words
Pondering: How to fill my time most productively

The Rare Quiet Cup of Tea

Considering: What direction to take with my writing
Watching: My video baby monitor.  Because technology
Hoping: That my little bug takes a looooong nap
Marvelling: That it’s almost 2015
Needing: More time, better sleep
Smelling: Roasted Carrots, Beets, Garlic and Onion fresh out of the oven
Wearing: Sweats the color of cement…okay since it’s a sick day
Following: So many cool new bloggy friends on social media
Noticing: That I’m not old but I’m not young anymore
Knowing: I’m okay with it
Thinking: All the things
Feeling: A bit cooped up since my daughter and I are both under the weather
Admiring: Published Writers
Sorting: Old blog posts-is this a thing even worth sorting?
Buying: (Should be buying) Christmas gifts.  Stress!!!
Getting: More tattoos please…My birthday is coming
Bookmarking: Techie things to assist my bloggy things (SEO, and analytics- Holla!)
Disliking: Springtime illnesses
Opening: A package of homeopathic remedies that arrived today from the UK
Giggling: When Lavinia does something naughty and yells “No!”
Feeling: Based on these answers, apparently homesickness but also gratitude
Snacking: Shapes Sensations Balsamic vinegar and sea salt crackers. Need to go food shopping….
Coveting: My gold plated necklace with the longitude and latitude of my hometown #Buffalo

Wishing: That my husband could come home from work early to hang out
Helping: With some surprises for a dear friend
Hearing: Music, silence and peace…for now.  Nap-time is nearly over….

Check out the author who came up with this list.  In her blog she shares a blank list of questions in case you want to Stock Take too!

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