9 months post baby, and 13 months post

When I sat down with Alisa I couldn’t believe how ripped she was, and how immaculately presented.  She was tanned, makeup done, hair did and sparkly jewelry on.  She was quite pretty and feminine, redefining the stereotype of female body builders.

I think she was a bit shocked to hear that I did not come to her to get skinny.  My goals were to increase strength, get better sleep, build muscle and most of all increase my energy.  I could see her getting excited. “Can you please kick my ass?”  I said to her.

She gave me this look like- “you don’t even have to ask.”
I had never worked with a female trainer before so I was curious to see if she would let me off the hook or be even tougher on me to prove a point.
Just deadliftin’
A Cheeky 110lbs (50Kg)




Turns out that Alisa’s point of difference is her huge heart.  She gives a shit- sometimes more than I do.  Her past made her tough as nails yet she remains positive and passionate.  And kick my ass, she did.  For the first time I uttered the words “I can’t,” during a PT session (very unusual for a competitive, people pleaser like myself).  She knew when to push me and when I was actually working hard. We felt like a team. 

Peace out Muffin Top
She wanted me in the gym three times a week which would mean my family would die of starvation on a sticky floor wearing dirty undies.  So I went twice weekly.  Sometimes once.  A few weeks, none at all (life, ya know?) 
We set a goal to check in at three months.  We took actual scientific measurements of my body and totes awks embarrassing photos that I’m sharing with you all right now.
I didn’t change my diet but I did try to eat more consciously.  I was determined to use our entire veggie box each week and cut down on refined carbs (for the record, I will never give up carbs- they are delicious).  Matt and I gave up our Friday night tradition of pizza and french fries.

The results are positive.  I can see and feel the difference, inside and out.  Could I have done better?  Maybe.  Alisa and I both know the work I did (or at times didn’t) do. *

You know what’s really great?  Acceptance.  In my opinion it’s the first step toward self love.  After all, I have the massive responsibility to relay this message to my daughter.  I need to start practicing what I preach, Sisters.  Beauty comes in many different body types.  Health should be the number one priority always. Do I accept the fact that I’m not a swimsuit model? Yes.  Do I accept that my body gave birth to a human?  Hell yes. 
The scale did not budge in either direction for me during this journey- but I lost inches.  I gained muscle, confidence, energy.   It’s just a bonus that my jeans fit better. 

*Within those three months there was above average partying going on so it was a bit harder to watch what I put in my mouth.  I attended two weddings, a 30thbirthday, two race days, my daughter’s first birthday (heck yeah I was drinking after that Pinterest-pressure stress), and a two week visit from my Mom.  So there was a disproportionate amount of celebrating and imbibing. Not excuses, just life!

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5 thoughts on “How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight

  1. Looking great, Dawn. It's clear you can feel it inside, which is a huge boost physically and mentally.

    Posted on November 19, 2014 at 1:56 pm
  2. Thanks Susan! I'm feeling much better these days. I truly believe that our mental and physical bodies have a profound effect on each other. It's like a crazy balancing act. You put energy into one side and realize the other has been neglected…and so on.

    Posted on November 20, 2014 at 4:10 am