Matty + business dinner= mac and cheese and ME time.

I rescheduled my personal training appointment, put Adele’s new album, on repeat, and set out my newly purchased acrylics.

Not sure why I chose the pear as my subject. I bought two lovely ones last week. Matt stayed home from work on Monday and I took one of the pears to work and leaving the second in our fruit bowl. I sent him a text saying “It’s alright if you already did, but could you not eat that pear cuz I want to paint it.”

His response “You’re going to paint on a pear???”

My literal thinking man. Our kids will be lucky because if they are dreamers, or somewhere in between-I’m pretty sure we’ve got the range covered.

The easel Matt give me for Christmas is like a work of art in itself, or at least a fancy piece of furniture. I actually tried to avoid spilling paint on it which is as silly as keeping paint off a drop cloth.

The result of my evening and three rounds of Adele- a pear study in shapes and colors. Very abstract- unavoidable really when using brushes from the Chinese dollar store. My professional easel and crappy brushes.

I ate the pear for breakfast today. It felt kind of wrong but delicious at the same time.

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