Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Our National Sales Manager quit. It took me 24 hours to put my hand up and offer interim assistance until a new one could be found. Why didn’t I jump on it right away- not sure. Maybe it was my own insecurity.

Oh, but they had noticed me! I was offered the position on the spot. It would take 4 weeks just to train a new person about the product. I knew it, and our procedures inside and out. I would actually be selling something I endorse and I’d write the marketing copy. Hello raise and commission!!

The ever wise hindsight tells me that had I not slaved for the first few months that this news would surely not be as sweet. Being handed this first thing- there would even be the danger of taking it for granted.

Thank you kind universe for continuing to teach me these lessons. Thank goodness I’m a faster learner these days.

And Mom is literally on a flight that will be touching down in Melbourne in 1.5 hours. We will be toasting to my new life tonight as she sees with her own eyes just how much of a gift it really is.

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