Got my first returned phone call from a recruiter today!!!

The friend of friend meeting I had earlier this week is already paying off. The woman who called back was from his suggestion. Hopefully my hilarious note helped get her attention.
Somehow I missed the call while on the tram on my way to meet my American girlfriend, Kim at the Queen Victoria Market.
Still I was stoked. Called back and left a message. Kim was running late from an interview so I ducked into a coffee shop for a soy cap and a scribble in the dusty ole journal I brought along.
After writing till my hand ached (so much more used to typing these days) I read over some old entries.
This is the journal I meant to keep while in Sydney last year. It’s funny because where I am in the job-hunt/ career search is exactly where I left off when I left Sydney in January. It’s almost like going home to Buffalo was just a matter of making sure a few doors remained closed, and saying some more sincere goodbyes. Testing the strength of a new love and such.
So here I am- no points for taking a break. Time to dig the heels in now that I’m the slightest bit wiser about how things work here in Aus.
I got home cold and tired but completely excited about blogging, filling Matty in on my day and making a yummy dinner with my fresh market fish and herbs.
Just then I got a text from the Canadian- she put in a good word for me at the restaurant she works at and I have an interview on Saturday. I don’t care if I have to go back to waitressing. I will do anything to make this work.

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