Last night Andy’s birthday get-together was on a week-night and I wanted to watch TV.
We don’t have digital cable or a DVR…seems these technologies have not yet made their way to Australia.
I sucked it up and went to the party.  I’m determined to make the most of all social situations even if I’m not in the mood.The party was unbelievably productive for me on a social level. I met two really cool girls. One Aussie and one Canadian who both racked their brains to think of job leads for me. How nice is that?!?

My fellow North American even suggested that I come by the restaurant she works at on weekends as they are looking for servers (at this point I will do ANYTHING.)

We chatted away about everything from jobs, to hockey, to her continual search for size 11 shoes- as it turns out she is 6’1”! Difficult to tell when we were sitting down next to one another.

The Aussie girl works at a charity, and my ears perked up. The first time I volunteered it changed my life.  It can be such an amazing way to network, showcase your strengths and make a difference.

Update: Both of those women are still in my life.  They are two of my closest friends in Australia and have become an integral part of my network. Five years on, we are ‘real’ friends.

Most of the people I met or connected to in those early days are either still in my life, or have introduced me to people who are or both.

The point is- when you move someplace new, make an effort.  Even when you don’t feel like it.  You never know who you might meet.

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