There is a frustrated girl pacing in front of me having a heated discussion with her boyfriend; “What do you want me to do John?” She says, exasperated.

I’m sitting by huge windows in the Buffalo- Niagara International Airport that look out onto the gray, rainy day.

My headphones go in because I’ve been that girl too many times and I don’t want to relive it. People talking at each other, neither one listening. Conversations in circles. They confuse drama for passion and reconciliations for understanding.

I’ve been waiting for today for the last three months, or more specifically for my whole entire life and all the lifetimes before this.

The love of my life, my perfect partner, just boarded a flight from Melbourne Australia to New York City. A little eager, I am flying down today as well, a whole 24 hours early because I simply need to be in route when he is. Spending one more girl’s night in NYC with my best friend Sara is a bonus.

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be the one pacing but I won’t be arguing on the phone. I might be a little sick with anticipation but not from anger. My eyes will go blurry from staring into those sliding doors in the  International terminal.

He will have flown all this way for me. He’s coming to get me and bring me home to Melbourne with him. But first, he wants to meet my family. He insisted on meeting them before we move in together.

The day may be grey and rainy but I feel a sense of peace. I won’t allow myself to be too excited just yet or I’ll completely burn out on adrenaline. Just trying to live in the present, knowing I’ll get there eventually- without having to skip or rush any time in between.

Today is really the first day of the rest of my life- just as any day realistically is. But today for the first time in my life I have a plan. There is something I want and I’m on my way to grab it.

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