My new city.

We arrived in Melbourne on Friday morning after about 27 hours of travel.

The weekend was a whirlwind of guests and visitors who wanted to see us, BBQs, movies and jet lagging out on the living room floor.

Monday and Tuesday I only left the apartment to go to the supermarket and the gym. Today I’m forcing myself to go into the city on my own while the brothers are at work. So far so good. I actually found where I wanted to go- a Starbucks on Collins street (that is actually no longer a Starbucks at all): its difficult to compete in a market where the coffee is generally outstanding anywhere you go.  I am learning about Melbourne and it’s coffee snobbery and I find it charming.

Matty told his boss that he is resigning this morning. We’ve started looking at flats, I’ve applied to about seven jobs on and it’s all happening. The wheels are in motion. The only issue I’m having is that jet lag makes me emo. I want to have a job- yesterday, and I miss my friends.

Melbourne seems manageable enough for this girl with a limited sense of direction. This is positive. I have never spent time here without Matt so I know how important it is for me to forge away on my own.

It is a battle and I will win (think positive).

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